20 Best Podcasts for Nurses & Nursing Students 2024

If you are looking for some nursing podcasts to help your nursing career. We have explained all the top podcasts for fresh and experienced nurses to do well professionally. You can select the podcasts that are best relevant to your need. 

Best Nursing Podcasts for Nurses in the United States

1. The Nurse Keith Show: Podcast for Career Development

The Nurse Keith Show is designed to help nurses become empowered and successful in their professional careers. Hosted by award-winning nurse entrepreneur and coach Keith Carlson, this show offers insight into leadership, nursing entrepreneurship, career advice, communication strategies, and more.

2. Nurse Speak

Nurse Speak was created to support and advise nurses at all levels. Each episode features interviews with prominent nurses, including various topics from bedside nursing, nurse leadership development, medical writing, media reporting, and more. This podcast is hosted by Nurse Ebi, who runs a famous Instagram page, Nurselifern.

3. Nursing Uncensored

Nursing Uncensored is a podcast for nurses who want to talk openly about issues that aren’t discussed in traditional nursing circles. This podcast, hosted by Adrianne M. Behning, offers frank conversations on topics like burnout, patient care, and staying positive in the profession.

4. Nurse Leader

A podcast is dedicated to nurse leaders. It features interviews with nursing executives and management, exploring topics related to strategic leadership, organizational development, and healthcare innovation.

5. Real Talk School of Nursing: Podcast for Nursing Students

Real Talk School of Nursing offers a unique perspective on nursing, featuring real-world discussions from nurses sharing their insights and experiences. Hosted by two experienced nurses, this podcast covers patient advocacy, healthcare policy, nurse-patient communication, and more.

6. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a podcast about the good, the bad, and the ugly of nursing. Hosts Nurse Carly Newton & Cheryl Drace chat about their experiences in nursing, offering up frank discussions on everything from burnout to bedside manner.

7. The American Nurse Project Podcast:

The American Nurse Project Podcast features interviews with nurses across the US. Featuring conversations with nurses across the country, this podcast explores topics such as health disparities, nurse burnout, and patient advocacy.

8. Straight A Nursing: Podcast for Nursing Students

Straight A Nursing is a podcast for student nurses and nursing educators, featuring interviews with students, health professionals, and industry experts. Registered nurse and educator Maureen Osuna hosts this podcast, covering study tips, clinical skills advice, and more.

9. Fresh RN- Podcast for New Nurses

The Podcast for New Nurses is designed to help new nurses transition from student to practicing nurses. Host Ati Kleber offers time management, communication, professional development, and more advice.

10. Daily Nurse – NurseCasts

This podcast is for all level of nurses. It offers weekly podcasts featuring interviews with prominent figures in the nursing field, such as faculty members, nurse researchers, and healthcare professionals. Host Joe Morita also discusses patient care, healthcare policy, and more topics.

11. Nurse Talk Media

Nurse Talk Media is a podcast for nurses by nurses. Three experienced nurses host this podcast and cover various nursing-related topics, including patient advocacy, clinical skills, and more.

12. Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast 

Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast is a podcast for nurses of all levels. This show, hosted by registered nurse and career coach Elizabeth Scala, offers networking, job search strategies, and career development advice. 

14. Nursing Show

The Nursing Show is a podcast for nurses of all levels. Hosted by Dr. Karen Kesten, the show offers interviews with prominent figures in the nursing profession and discussions on healthcare policies and patient care issues.

15. Art of Emergency Nursing

This podcast from the Emergency Nurses Association features interviews, discussions, and more about emergency nursing. Learn from experts in the field and get insights that can help improve patient care. Kevin McFarlane hosts this podcast, and it has everything from understanding the impact of trauma to topics like de-escalation and leadership. Tune in to stay at the top of your game as an emergency nurse.

16. The Q Word

The Q Word focuses on the essential thing in healthcare quality. In each episode, host Nyssa – an ER and flight nurse – and her friend Lisa interview experts from various healthcare industry sectors to learn about their specific approaches and eye-opening insights into how quality can be improved across all facets of nursing. 

17. My Nursing Mastery: Best Podcasts for NCLEX Preparation

My Nursing Mastery covers everything nurses need to know about staying at the top of their game. From leadership skills to developing patient relationships, this podcast offers a unique spin on nursing. Hosts of these podcasts share insights into patient safety, communication strategies, and clinical decision-making. Tune in for an inspiring take on nursing!

18. The WoMed

This podcast has humorous episodes and interviews with inspiring women in the medical field. Host Danielle Maltby mental health, lifestyle, and more. Episodes are also filled with top tips on succeeding in the medical field for aspiring nurses and veterans alike. 

19. Public Health on Call: Podcast for Healthcare News

You can get all the latest healthcare news and development in the medical and nursing fields. John Hopkins University telecasts this podcast. This podcast host by Joshua Sharfstein, MD.

20. The Happy Traveler: Career Related Podcast

This podcast is for nurses always on the go. The show covers travel nursing, life, and career tips. It also features inspiring stories from experienced nurses and much more. Tune in to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of nursing.

Final Words: 

Podcasts provide an invaluable resource for nurses of all levels to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. With a wide range of topics available, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to stay informed with healthcare news or need help developing your leadership skills, podcasts can offer valuable insights and resources to help you stay at the top of your game as a nurse. 

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