Good Signs You Passed The NCLEX 2024

The NCLEX exam is one of the most important tests a nursing student will take in their career. After months of hard work and preparation, you’re likely anxious to find out if you passed. But until your official results are released, it can be challenging to know for sure. That’s why we’ve brought together this list of good signs that you may have passed the NCLEX.

Good Signs You Passed The NCLEX

1. Test-Taking Experience

One sign that you may have passed the NCLEX exam is how you felt about the test. If you had a positive experience during the test and felt like some of the answers were familiar, chances are you performed well on the exam. For example, if there were questions similar to what you studied or topics you felt confident discussing, those are all excellent signs that could indicate a successful result.

2. Passed The Pearson Vue’s Quick Results

Another sign that you may have passed the NCLEX is if you received a “Quick Results” notification from Pearson Vue. If, after your test, you received this notification, the automated system could quickly determine whether or not you passed your exam.

This trick has been helpful for many, although it’s not 100% accurate. As a result, you won’t know until you receive your official results.

3. Received Many Questions on Content You Studied

If, during the exam, you received many questions from topics and content that you reviewed or studied during your preparation period, this could be a sign that you passed the NCLEX.

4. Test Difficulty Level

Another sign is whether or not the test was particularly difficult or easy for you. If it was relatively easy compared with other tests you have taken (or studied for), then there is a better chance that you did well on it. This doesn’t guarantee success by any means—the difficulty level of each test differs from person to person—but it could indicate positive results.

5. Length of Test Time

The time it takes to complete the NCLEX exam indicates how well you performed on it. Most nurses take up to six hours to complete all 265 questions; however, if this test only took three or four hours to finish, this could be a sign that you did well on it. Students who do not pass their exams tend to spend longer than average completing them due to needing additional time for more complex questions.

6. Computer Shutoff

Another factor that could signify passing your NCLEX exam is when your computer shuts off after finishing all required questions. This means that the testing algorithm believes there is no need for further questions and has determined an assessment based on your performance thus far to determine whether you have passed. Some students report experiencing this shutoff shortly after completing their test, which can be encouraging!

7. Time Taken To Complete The Exam

The time taken to complete the NCLEX will vary from person to person, but generally speaking, an average test-taker should be able to finish the exam within four hours or so. If you took less than six hours to complete the exam, you have a good chance of doing well. This is because it usually takes longer if there are more difficult questions or if more questions are presented on the test.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many signs point toward success on your NCLEX exam, remember that your official results are still pending until your state board of nursing releases them! However, these signals can serve as indicators when trying to anticipate what those results may look like when they arrive in your mailbox or email inbox—and provide relief while waiting for confirmation!

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