How Soon do You Get a CPR Email after NCLEX?

Are you preparing for NCLEX? If your answer is yes, you must have come across the concept of a Candidate Performance Report (CPR), used by the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to evaluate how candidates perform on their examinations. A CPR provides a valuable score report of your performance on the exam, which can help assess your readiness for licensure as a nurse practitioner.

This blog post will explain this vital report, how it assists applicants with their applications, and its importance when pursuing necessary license examinations. Read on to get up to speed with all there is to know about candidate performance reports.

How Soon do You Get a CPR Email after NCLEX?

The NCLEX Candidate Performance Report is typically released within two weeks of the candidate’s NCLEX attempt. So, you can get the email after 2 weeks. It provides an overview of how well a candidate has performed in specific categories and offers helpful insight into areas needing improvement for future NCLEX attempts.

What information does the CPR provide?

The report includes three distinct sections; the front side of the CPR provides:

NCLEX Exam Summary: This section offers an overview of the NCLEX exam, including the average score achieved and the total number of questions answered. It also provides an overall assessment of performance in each topic area tested, such as medical and surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, maternal-newborn nursing, and psychiatric-mental health nursing.

NCLEX Test Attempt Summary: This section provides a detailed performance analysis of each NCLEX attempt, including the number of questions answered precisely and incorrectly in each category. It also offers tips for improving future NCLEX performance, such as reviewing topics that may have been challenging during the exam or practicing more NCLEX-style questions.

NCLEX Score Comparison: This section compares the candidate’s NCLEX score to those of other NCLEX test-takers with similar backgrounds, such as age and region. It also provides a comparison between the candidate’s performance on NCLEX attempts in the past, helping to identify areas for further improvement.


The NCLEX Candidate Performance Report is a valuable source of information for NCLEX applicants. It provides an overview of performance on NCLEX attempts. These highlight areas needing improvement and offer advice for future NCLEX performance. With this report, individuals can better assess their readiness for licensure as a nurse practitioner and take the necessary steps to ensure NCLEX’s success.

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