Michigan Nursing License Renewal Requirements 2024

Michigan nurses are required to renew their licenses every two years. The Michigan Board of Nursing (MBN) is responsible for the regulation and licensure of all nursing professionals in the state. Renewal begins with obtaining an application form from the MBN website or contacting the MBN office directly. This article will provide a detailed overview of the Michigan nursing licensure renewal process.

Step-by-Step Process & Requirement for Michigan Nursing License Renewal

Step 1 – Apply for Michigan Nursing License Renewal: The first step in the renewal process is to obtain an application form from the MBN website or by contacting their office directly. Before submitting your application, read through all the instructions and requirements carefully and ensure you meet them all. After completing the application, submit it and any requested documentation (such as proof of continuing education credits) to the MBN.

Step 2 – Receive Continuing Education Requirements: The state also requires nurses to complete 2 hours of Continue Education on pain and symptom management. These CE requirements must be completed within two years before renewal.

Note: You don’t have to send Continue Education Documents along with renewal applications. After a random automated audit, you will be contacted to send the Continue Education Document.

Step 3 – Submit Documentation: To renew your license, nurses must submit documentation proving completion of the required continuing education courses. This must be sent to the MBN before the expiration date of the current license.

Step 4 – Renewal Fee: Renewing a Michigan nursing license requires a fee. Nurses will need to pay this in full at the time of submission. The MBN determines the exact amount, which will be included in the renewal approval letter sent to the nurse.

Step 5 – Receive Confirmation: Once all required documents and fees are received, the MBN will issue a new license with an updated expiration date. This can take up to six weeks from the time of application submission. Once the new license is received, nurses can begin practicing with their renewed credentials.

Following these steps will help ensure a successful renewal of your Michigan nursing license. Remember to stay up-to-date on all continuing education requirements and submit the required documentation before the current license’s expiration date to avoid any delays in renewing.

How do I apply for my Michigan nursing license online?

You can renew your nursing license online by logging into your account at http://www.michigan.gov/MiPLUS.

Benefits of Renewing Your Michigan Nursing License

Renewing your Michigan nursing license provides several benefits, including:

Access to new practice opportunities and resources: With an up-to-date license, nurses can access the latest job openings. This also allows them to use new resources such as online continuing education courses and professional organizations.

Professional credibility: Maintaining a valid license shows potential employers and patients that nurses are committed to providing quality care. It helps ensure compliance with the MBN’s standards of practice.

Continuing education credit: Renewing a Michigan nursing license usually requires the completion of continuing education courses, which can help nurses stay up-to-date on their knowledge base and increase their job opportunities.

Avoiding potential fines and disciplinary action: Allowing a license to expire can result in hefty monetary penalties and suspension of nursing privileges, so renewing before the expiration date listed on the current license is essential.

By taking advantage of these benefits, nurses can ensure they are providing quality care and are meeting all requirements for their practice area. Renewing your Michigan nursing license is vital to ensure continued professional success and growth.

Michigan License Renewal

Nursing licenses are renewed every 2 years and expire by their license’s date.

What are the Fees to Renew a Michigan Nursing License?

The fee to renew a Michigan nursing license varies depending on an individual nurse’s practice area and current licensure status.

Following is the list of fees for Michigan Nursing License Renewal:

  • Nurse LPN $128.50
  • Nurse RN $128.50
  • Nurse RN Specialty $29.80
  • Nursing Home Administrator $131.70
  • Occupational Therapist $162.20
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant $162.20


How long does it take for my renewal application to be processed?

It typically takes up to six weeks for a renewal application to be processed. If you have not received approval from the Michigan Board of Nursing after six weeks, please contact their office directly.

How long is my Michigan nursing license valid?

Your Michigan nursing license is valid for two years and must be renewed before expiration to continue practicing legally.

What is the grace period for renewing my license?

There is 60-day grace period to renew an expired Michigan nursing license. After the grace period, you must submit a new application for reinstating your license.

I am a new nurse getting my first license. Do I need to complete continuing education (CE)? 

No, not until your first renewal. After issuing your initial license, you must complete the required continuing education (CE) before renewing for a second time.

What is the cost of renewing a nursing license in Michigan?

The renewal cycle occurs every two years. The application fee for RN renewal is $128.50, while for Registered Nurses with Specialty, it amounts to $158.30.

Final Words

Renewing your Michigan nursing license is a straightforward process that can be done quickly and easily. It is essential to stay informed of the specific renewal requirements to ensure that your license remains up-to-date. Additionally, understanding any regulation changes and necessary continuing education requirements will help you comply with all state licensing laws. By taking the time to understand the renewal process, you can ensure that your license remains valid and up-to-date, allowing you to continue practicing nursing in Michigan.

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