No Entrance Exam Nursing Schools

Nursing schools do not require entrance exams, making it easier for some students to get into nursing school. However, nursing schools that don’t require entrance exams may be more competitive in other ways, such as GPA or experience. It’s vital to research nursing schools carefully to ensure you have the best chance of getting in.

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Nursing Schools without Entrance Exam

Such schools may evaluate candidates based on their high school GPA, college GPA, or experience in the field. For example, some nursing schools require a minimum GPA for admission, while others take a holistic approach that evaluates all aspects of an applicant’s profile. In addition, many nursing schools require applicants to submit letters of recommendation and a personal essay.

Here is the list of Nursing schools that may not require any entrance exams. You need to check it once on their official site.

  1. Alvernia University
  2. Arizona State University
  3. Chamberlain College of Nursing
  4. Drexel University
  5. Georgetown University
  6. George Washington University
  7. Indiana Wesleyan University
  8. Kaplan University
  9. Liberty University
  10. Marian University
  11. Maryville University of St. Louis
  12. Mount Carmel College of Nursing
  13. Ohio State University
  14. Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
  15. Philadelphia University

Disclaimer– Some Universities also require to give a simple entrance test like SAT and ACT

Nursing School with Highest Acceptance Rate

The nursing schools with the highest acceptance rates are typically community colleges or online programs. Some of the most popular nursing schools with high acceptance rates include:

  1. Kaplan University
  2. Liberty University
  3. Indiana Wesleyan University
  4. Chamberlain College of Nursing
  5. Mount Carmel College of Nursing
  6. Philadelphia University.

Some of the reasons these schools have high acceptance rates may be because they offer more flexible schedules, cater to working adults, or have lower tuition rates. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a nursing school with a high acceptance rate, these are some of the best options.

Nursing School with Lowest Acceptance Rate

The nursing schools with the lowest acceptance rates are typically research-focused universities or those with selective admissions requirements. Some of the most popular nursing schools with low acceptance rates include:

  1. Georgetown University
  2. George Washington University
  3. Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
  4. Drexel University

Requirements for Easy Nursing Schools to Get Into

A few schools don’t have any specific requirements for admission into their nursing programs. However, most nursing schools will require some or all of the following:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • A minimum GPA
  • Completed prerequisite courses
  • Letters of recommendation
  • An essay or personal statement
  • An interview
  • A criminal background check
  • A physical examination
  • Immunizations
  • Take the Entrance Exam- TEAS OR HESI

It’s essential to research nursing schools carefully to ensure you have the best chance of getting in.

How to Prepare to Get Into a Nursing School

If you wonder that no entrance exam nursing schools are the only option for you, you need to explore more options. Some colleges take simple entrance than can be qualified with a week of preparation.

Here are some points that will help you to prepare for the entrance exams:

Get a Study Guide- First and foremost, you’ll need to get your hands on a study guide for the entrance exam. Many different guides are available, so it’s essential to find one that suits your learning style.

  • Take Practice Tests– Once you have a study guide, you can take practice tests. It will help you get familiar with the format of the test and the types of questions you can expect.
  • Review Study Materials– Besides taking practice tests, it’s also important to regularly review your study materials. It will help you ensure you’re fully prepared for the entrance exam.
  • Get Plenty of Rest– It’s important to get plenty of rest before taking the entrance exam. It will help you stay focused and alert during the test.
  • Relax and do your best– On the day of the test, it’s important to relax and do your best.


What state is the easiest to become a nurse?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each state has its requirements for licensure. However, some states may be easier to become nurses than others due to their specific requirements.

Is the nursing entrance exam hard?

The nursing entrance exam can be difficult, but it is possible to get a high score if you prepare correctly.

What are some of the best nursing schools?

There are many great nursing schools, but some of the most popular ones include Kaplan University, Liberty University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Chamberlain College of Nursing, and Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

What is the easiest nursing course to get into?

The BSN program at Bellin College, accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, is known for being one of the easiest BSN programs to get into.


Many great options are available if you are looking for an easy nursing school. However, it’s essential to research each school carefully to ensure you have the best chance of getting in.

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