Non Bedside Nursing Jobs for Rn and New Grad

Nursing is a field that offers many career paths, and non-bedside nursing jobs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Non-bedside nursing allows nurses to further their careers while utilizing the skills they’ve learned in hospital or clinical settings. These roles bring unique challenges and rewards, such as the opportunity to work with different populations, in various settings, and with various professionals.

Non-bedside nursing roles offer nurses the chance to use their skills in new ways. For example, a nurse may work as a consultant or educator, where they can provide expertise on specific health topics or areas of patient care. Nurses can also be found in administrative roles such as nurse manager or director of nursing, providing oversight and guidance to other nurses. Nurses may even take on the role of a researcher, finding better ways to treat disease and improve healthcare delivery.

Top Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

1. Clinical Nurse Educator

A clinical nurse educator works with healthcare professionals to provide education and training on best practices for patient care. They may work in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare settings to teach nurses and other providers about the latest research and treatments.

2. Nurse Researcher

A nurse researcher investigates ways to improve patient outcomes through evidence-based care. They utilize their knowledge of nursing practice and research skills to develop new interventions that positively impact patient care.

3. Nurse Administrator

A nurse administrator provides oversight and guidance to nurses in various settings. They are often responsible for managing staff, developing policies and procedures, budgeting, and ensuring the delivery of quality care.

4. Nurse Informatics Specialist

A nurse informatics specialist focuses on leveraging technology to improve patient care. They work with teams of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement systems that will enhance communication and data collection.

5. Nurse Consultant

A nurse consultant works independently or in a team to provide expert advice on healthcare policy, patient safety, clinical practice guidelines, and risk management. Hospitals, clinics, government agencies, or other organizations may hire them.

6. Cruise Ship/Yacht Nurse

A cruise ship or yacht nurse provides care to passengers and crew members while away from land. They must be able to provide comprehensive care in various settings, including remote locations.

7. Nurse Recruiter

A nurse recruiter works with healthcare organizations to identify and attract qualified candidates for nursing positions. They use their profession knowledge to match qualified nurses with the right job opportunities.

8. Flight Nurse

A flight nurse works with a team of healthcare professionals to provide emergency medical care to patients needing urgent treatment. They must be able to provide medical care while in motion, as well as have the ability to handle high-pressure situations.

9. Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurse applies their nursing skills to assist in criminal investigations and provide medical care to victims of violent crimes. They must have a strong background in critical care and emergency medicine and familiarity with the legal process.

10. Nurse Informatics

A nurse informatics specialist works with technology to help improve healthcare delivery. They utilize their nursing experience and technology knowledge to design systems that improve patient safety, communication, and data collection.

11. Esthetic Nurse

An esthetic nurse specializes in providing aesthetic treatments to patients. They may perform laser hair removal, chemical peels, and injectables. No matter what type of nursing role you choose, nonbedside nursing jobs offer the opportunity for nurses to use their skills in new ways and make a difference in patients’ lives.

12. Camp Nurse

Camp nurses provide medical care for campers, staff, and family members during summer camps and other outdoor programs. They must be able to handle a wide range of medical issues in potentially remote settings. No matter the setting or type of job you choose, non-bedside nursing offers unique opportunities to apply your nursing skills in new ways and make a difference in people’s lives.

13. Occupational Health Nurse

An occupational health nurse works with employers to provide preventive care, educate employees on safety regulations, and ensure compliance with workplace standards. They utilize their knowledge of medicine and public health to help keep workplaces safe for employees. No matter what type of job you choose, non bedside nursing jobs allow you to use your skills in new ways and make a difference in people’s lives.

14. Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant uses their medical knowledge to consult with attorneys on cases involving healthcare issues. They review medical records, develop case theories, serve as expert witnesses, and provide legal advice to ensure their client receives the best possible outcome. Non bedside nursing jobs enable nurses to use their expertise in a new context and make an impact on patients and society alike.

15. NASCAR Nurse

A NASCAR nurse provides medical care to drivers and pit crews at races. They must be prepared for anything, from administering first aid for minor injuries to providing emergency medical services in the event of an accident.

16. Disney Nurse

A Disney nurse works at a theme park providing medical care to guests and employees. They must be able to handle a wide array of medical issues in an ever-changing environment. Non bedside nursing jobs allow nurses to make a real difference in people’s lives while working in exciting and varied environments.

Final Thoughts

Non bedside nursing jobs open up a world of possibilities for nurses to use their knowledge and skills in unique ways. Whether providing medical care at a theme park or offering legal advice, countless opportunities are available for those who want to pursue a career outside the hospital walls. No matter what job you choose, non bedside nursing jobs offer the chance to use your skills in new ways and make a difference in patients’ lives.

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