What do Travel Nurses Do: Complete Overview

Travel nurses are vital to the healthcare industry, providing valuable services to hospitals and other medical facilities. As a travel nurse, you can explore different parts of the country while also helping those in need. Read this article till the end to know all the essential details about Travel nurses.

What are Travel Nurses?

Travel nurses are healthcare professionals who work on a contractual basis to provide short-term medical care in hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. They have specialized skills that allow them to adjust to new environments and patient populations quickly, providing quality care while minimizing disruption. Travel nurses often make a good living, typically employed for 13-week assignments, which offer competitive salaries and benefits. Additionally, travel nursing offers flexible schedules and the opportunity to experience different locations while still providing vital care to needy patients.

How Many Days a Week Do Travel Nurses Work?

Travel nurses typically work anywhere from 36 to 48 hours per week, depending on their contract and the facility’s needs. The number of days worked depends on the shift length at the facility, which can range from 8-hour- to 12-hour shifts. In most cases, travel nurses can choose when they work and how many days they want to work on each assignment.

What Do Travel Nurses Do?

  1. Provide medical care to patients in need
  2. Support permanent staff members in their duties
  3. Educate patients and assist with follow-up care
  4. Maintain patient records accurately and completely
  5. Monitor patient progress and provide updates to healthcare providers
  6. They need to administer medications as prescribed by physicians or other healthcare practitioners
  7. Follow safety protocols, standards of care, and infection control procedures at all times
  8. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop effective treatment plans.
  9. Respond to medical emergencies as needed.

Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

  • Travel nursing offers many benefits, including the opportunity to experience new places and cultures while delivering valuable medical care to those in need. Travel nurses also experience greater job diversity and flexibility than permanent positions offer; they can often choose when and where they work, letting them find assignments that fit their lifestyle.
  • The financial benefits are also attractive, with competitive salaries and employer-provided housing often included in travel nursing contracts. Additionally, some employers offer comprehensive benefits packages that include medical insurance, 401k plans, and other perks. Travel nursing is an exciting career choice for healthcare professionals exploring the world while making a difference in their patients’ lives.

What is the Salary of a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses typically earn above-average salaries compared to permanent nursing staff, with many earning upwards of $45 per hour, depending on their location and experience level. Additionally, most employers offer benefits packages that may include medical insurance, 401k plans, housing options, and more. Travel nurses are in high demand, and many can negotiate higher salaries when offered a contract.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

You need to fulfill some qualification and skillset criteria along with some documents that we are going to discuss in this post.


• Be a Registered Nurse (RN) with at least one year of experience in the desired specialty.

• Possess valid licensure in the state(s) you plan to work.

• Have an up-to-date Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from the American Heart Association or other approved providers.

• Complete any additional training and certifications required for the job.

• Gain experience in the field by working in healthcare settings

• Meet all state requirements for licensure as a travel nurse

Essential Skills

• Be comfortable caring for patients in a variety of settings.

• Having excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

• Have strong problem-solving skills.

• Able to work independently with minimal supervision.

• Remain calm and professional under pressure.

• Be flexible with travel arrangements and scheduling.

• Remain current on healthcare trends, developments, and best practices.

Other Tips

• Possess a valid passport in case the job requires international travel.

• Join an accredited staffing agency or search online job boards for travel nursing jobs

• Develop contacts and references for potential job opportunities. Read contracts carefully to understand the terms, conditions, and obligations of the assignment.


How Often do Travel Nurses Travel

The frequency of travel for travel nurses depends on the assignment. Some assignments may require frequent relocations, while others may involve staying in one place for months. Generally, how often a nurse travels will depend on their preferences and contract terms. Travel nurses can usually expect to move every three to six months, leaning on the length of the assignment.

Where Do Travel Nurses Work

Travel nurses work in various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. They provide vital care to patients in need while supporting permanent staff members. Travel nurses can find assignments across the United States and some international locations.

How Long Are Travel Nurse Assignments

Travel nurse assignments typically range from 13 to 26 weeks, depending on the facility’s needs and the availability of a qualified nurse. Assignments shorter than 13 weeks are often called “short-term” assignments. Travel nurses can often renew their contracts if they stay in one place longer than their initial assignment.

Final Thoughts

Travel nursing can be a rewarding and adventurous career choice. By obtaining the necessary qualifications and possessing the right skills, travel nurses can explore new places while making a difference in the lives of their patients. With flexible hours and competitive pay rates, travel nursing offers an exciting opportunity to grow professionally while experiencing life to its fullest.



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