What is a Male Nurse Called?

Women traditionally dominate the nursing profession. However, male nurses are becoming increasingly common across the healthcare industry. So, what do we call male nurses? Is there a particular term for them? Let’s look at the various words used to refer to male nurses in the healthcare industry.

What is a Male Nurse Called?

The most commonly used term for male nurses is  “nurse”. This term is gender-neutral and therefore doesn’t imply that male nurses are any different from female nurses. Male nurses can be referred to as “he” or “she,” depending on preference, and this doesn’t change the fact that they are still nurses!

The More Specific Term for Male Nurses

The more specific term for male nurses is “male nurse” or “man nurse”. While this may not be the most gender-neutral term, it does differentiate between male and female nurses to some degree. It also indicates that a man is filling the nurse role, which can be helpful in specific contexts.

Is it OK to Call Male Nurse Murse- Men Nurse?

The term “murse” (Men Nurse) is occasionally used to refer to male nurses in casual conversation, but it’s not really seen as appropriate terminology by healthcare professionals. This is because the term “murse” has a connotation of being less severe or professional than its gender-neutral counterpart.

Nursing Terminology

In some areas of nursing, specific terms are used by those in the profession that may be unfamiliar to outsiders. For example, a “registered nurse” (RN) is a type of nurse who has completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing and passed an exam administered by the state board of nursing. An “advanced practice registered nurse” (APRN) has completed additional education and training beyond their RN certification and can provide advanced care such as prescribing medications or conducting physical exams. A “licensed practical nurse” (LPN) has completed a shorter training program than an RN, but can still provide essential patient care services such as taking vital signs and administering medication.

Regardless of which type of nursing credential they have achieved, all male nurses can be referred to as “male nurses” irrespective of whether they are RN, APRNs, or LPN. This term applies equally to all types of male nurses regardless of their specialty or area of expertise.

Final Thoughts

All male nurses can be referred to as “male nurse” or “man nurses,” although more specific terms may exist depending on their area of expertise and level of training. This term should not be seen as derogatory; instead, it should be viewed as an acknowledgment that men are now just as welcome as women in nursing—and that both genders play an essential role in providing quality patient care. Everyone deserves respect no matter what gender they identify with!

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