What to Wear to NCLEX : Exam Dress Code

As you prepare to take the NCLEX, one of the last things on your mind may be what to wear. However, while it may not seem vital for success on the exam, choosing an appropriate outfit for the testing day can help boost confidence and provide comfort as you enter the examination room. An acceptable dress code varies by facility, but there are some basic guidelines that nursing students and nurses should follow when selecting their test-day wardrobe.

Keep reading to discover more about determining which looks will ensure you look and feel confident right before taking your big boards.

What To Wear To NCLEX?

According to NCLEX, there is no uniform dress code, but it’s essential to dress appropriately for the occasion. It would be best if you aimed for a comfortable and professional-looking outfit.

However, NCLEX does not allow wearing coats, scarves, hats, or gloves into the exam room. But, there is a NCLEX dress code provision for religious and cultural dress.

Remember that comfort should be the primary focus for your NCLEX test day outfit. Wear something you know will not distract you during your exam and ensure you can concentrate on what matters – acing the boards.

Which Dress is Suitable for Me To Take NCLEX?

As I mentioned above, there is no dress code for the NCLEX. However, it is essential to dress appropriately for the occasion. The most important thing you should consider is wearing something that allows you to move and stay comfortable during your test. Ideally, it would be best if you aimed for a professional-looking yet practical outfit.

Because NCLEX can take exams throughout the year, it is essential to dress for the season. Wear something comfortable and suitable for the weather outside, but also consider what could be called professional. Wear cool, breathable, and light clothing for hot seasons, and for cold seasons, wear layered clothing.

It would be best to opt for neutral colors that won’t draw attention or distract others from their testing. Feeling put together in comfortable clothing helps ease worry and anxiety. It’s also crucial to avoid discomfort that could distract you from performing at your best.

For any religious and cultural clothing, you must ensure it is not offensive or disruptive to the testing environment. Additionally, if you fall in this category, you must visit the Pearson Vue testing center at least 48 hours before your exam. It is to ensure the necessary accommodations for such attire can be made.

Remember that comfort should be the main focus on the day of your NCLEX exam. Above all, make sure that you can concentrate on what matters – acing the boards.

If you still need to decide what to wear, consulting with a specialist or reading the exam’s guidelines to avoid confusion or rule-breaking is worth it. Remember, with the proper clothing, you’ll feel confident, comfortable, and ready to ace that examination.

What Can You Not Wear To The NCLEX EXAM Centre?

When considering your NCLEX exam-day outfit, it’s essential to pick clothing pieces that will avoid drawing the attention of others during the exam.

The following items also are not allowed in the NCLEX testing room but may be accessed while on break:

  • Bags/purses/wallets/watches (smartwatches must be
  • placed in the plastic bag.)
  • Coats/hats
  • Medical aids/devices
  • Food or drink, gum/candy
  • Lip balm
  • Scarves/gloves

What to Bring for NCLEX Exam Day?

The NCLEX exam is crucial to obtaining your nursing license, and proper preparation is critical. When it comes to what to bring, there are a few essential items you’ll want to have on hand. First, ensure you have your ID and authorization to test (ATT).

Additionally, consider packing a light snack and water bottle to help keep you energized and focused throughout the hours-long exam. Lastly, be sure to dress comfortably and consider bringing a sweater or jacket in case the testing room is chilly. With these essentials, you can feel confident and ready to conquer the NCLEX and take the next step in your nursing career.

NCLEX Check-in Process For Students

On the day of their exam, NCLEX candidates should follow the check-in process provided at all Pearson Professional Centers.

Personal Devices: Candidates must store electronic devices (cell phones, mobile phones, tablets, or similar gadgets) in the plastic bags provided by Pearson VUE at the test center. Refusal to do so will result in not being allowed to take the test and having to register again for another appointment with payment of an exam fee.

Technical Issues: If technical issues arise, causing delays over 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment or a restart delay beyond 30 minutes, candidates can choose between waiting or rescheduling their appointment without any additional charge.

Visitors: Visitors such as friends, relatives, or children are prohibited from waiting in the test center during the examination or contacting the candidate.

Candidate Statement: Before taking the NCLEX exam, candidates must read and electronically sign a statement agreeing to the terms and conditions of the exam.

Related FAQs

Can I wear headphones when taking the NCLEX?

No, the exam room strictly prohibits wearing any audio devices.

Is it possible to take a break during the NCLEX exams?

Yes, you can take it when you feel like taking a break, such as in the bathroom.

Is Open hair for female candidates allowed in NCLEX?

No, your hair should not cover your eyes or distract other candidates. It must be neat at all times during the exam.

Final Thoughts

The NCLEX examination is essential in earning your nursing license, and having the proper clothing can make all the difference on test day. Wear comfortable clothing that lets you concentrate on what matters – acing the boards!

Remember to bring necessary items like your ID and ATT document, a light snack and water bottle, and a sweater or jacket in case the testing room is chilly. Following these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and successful exam experience.

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